Benefits of Mersey Video Viva Club

The use of video when preparing for the SOE remains limited. The organisers who have recently completed their FRCA primary exams found this to be an excellent method of preparation.

There are many advantages to Mersey Video Viva Club:

Sustainability – Joining the Video Viva Club means you have a national network of trainees that you can optimise your performance with from the comfort of your own home. This reduces travelling and therefore carbon emissions.

Safe – We can still prepare even if we are socially distancing as much as possible out of work.

Peer Support Network – There is huge value in having access to a highly motivated, focussed national peer network of trainees all with the same goal of getting through this difficult examination.

Self Preservation – In anaesthesia we are taught to make our first intubation attempt our best attempt. Exam preparation is no different. We believe joining the viva club gives candidates multiple advantages to make their first attempt their best attempt.

Flexibility – Members are location independent and therefore can prepare anywhere.

Time – There is no wasted time, log on and viva. No more commuting to the library.

In our view this extra time is a revelation and allows the member to see more of their partner, children or chosen extra curricular activity!

Our January 2020 programme saved candidates an average of 3.5 hours in commuting time.

Analysis – video sessions can be recorded and the member can play back their performance to spot areas of improvement.

On zoom there is even third party AI software that will analyse your voice and give you vocal feedback on a number of metrics.

Feedback and coaching – Each candidate will have the opportunity to give and receive structured feedback.

Consumption – It may help to reduce snacking.

Dress – You can even do a viva in your pyjamas.