How it Works

Mersey Video Viva club allows anaesthetic trainees in the UK the opportunity to improve their readiness for the primary/final SOE via the use of video conferencing software.

Once members have signed up to the program, they receive access to timetabled sessions as well as access to premium resources designed to help their revision.

A group email and/or WhatsApp will be created to allow hosts and members to communicate and share useful information.

Candidates are invited to download zoom. This platform has a number of unique features that allow the group viva to happen.

The candidate then joins the meeting and will be placed in the lobby of the meeting.

This will follow a tried and tested format. Two members will be randomly paired on Zoom and placed in ‘breakout’ rooms, they will then take it in turns to play the role of the examiner and candidate. Each member will ask and be asked 30-minutes worth of questions, mimicking one whole viva. We suggest you keep these to the pairs that are in the exam e.g. 3 x 5minutes on physiology and another 3 x 5 minutes on pharmacology.  

When you play the role of the examiner, the questions will be devised by you. The benefit of this is:

1) Extra revision – you have to know a topic well to ask questions about it 

2) Gives you an understanding of what the examiners face and would expect back from you.

After the questions, there will be an opportunity to give feedback for 5 minutes. This will be done first by the examiner.

We expect the session to last around 90 minutes .

A host controlling the meeting will be on hand to troubleshoot any issues. They can be contacted by clicking “I need help”.

It is possible to record your video locally. If you are the candidate then you have the say as to whether you want your session recorded. You can do this by clicking “Record video”. A prompt will appear in the top left hand corner of the screen when video is recording. It will then save locally at the end of the session.

If the candidate does not want video recorded, no other member should record this. We will send out guidance on Mersey Video Viva Club etiquette to help here.

Members will be invited to complete a post-course feedback form.

It is possible that candidates may be in the same group for different sessions given the nature of randomisation.

There may be occasions where there are inadequate numbers, there is a back up plan for this. On rare occasions, we reserve the right to cancel a session at short notice – however we will do our upmost to prevent this.

All of the hosts have completed their SOE recently. We hope that this program will give the opportunity to improve our member’s preparedness for the exam.

Prepare. Optimise. Succeed.